D-tar Load 'N Lock WaveLength pickup
D-Tar Load 'N Lock Wave-Length Pickup

For a brief D-Tar Load 'N Lock WaveLength MP3 sample, check out our pickup comparisons page.

To install this pickup you must drill a larger-than-normal 7/8" hole at the endpin.  Nearly all other pickups require a 1/2" hole.  Please consider this before you order.  The D-Tar Load 'N Lock WaveLength has a rich, robust and complex tone.  Lows are fat and open.  Midrange is warm and completely musical (no more scooping out the mids to save your tone).  Highs are round and full - nothing plastic about it!  And the best part - NO QUACK!

An easy-to-install alternative to the famous D-tar Timber-Line, the D-tar Load 'N Lock Wave-Length combines a thin, piezo transducer with an 18-volt, low-noise, high input impedance preamp.  Wave-Length's unitary full length pickup accommodates virtually all 6-string spacings and is compatible with guitars using either 1/8" or 3/32" saddles, often with no modification to the saddle slot. 

This new Load 'N Lock version comes with a new VT module that allows you to perform quick EQ adjustments on-the-fly via two small dials that peek out of the soundhole.  To derive its 18 volts, the Wave-Length merely requires two standard "AA" batteries and a proprietary voltage power booster.  The new, patent-pending, Load 'N Lock system allows quick and easy "AA" battery changes.  Simply unscrew the endpin "collar," remove the old batteries, and pop in the new ones.  A quarter turn of the collar is all you need to lock them in place.

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