Ultrasound DI Max Preamp

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Acoustic Guitar Amps with transparent acoustic tone!


UltraSound's New DI MAX is the most versatile instrument pre-amp on the market. With 2 independent channels, the DI MAX can be used as a blender as well as a pre-amp. The Channel-1 input will accept ¼" mono as well as ¼" stereo (TRS) inputs which allows the DI MAX to process the "tip" signal through the Channel-1 controls and the "ring" signal through the Channel-2 controls giving you an enormous amount of flexibility for creative signal blending from your stereo pickups. Of course you can plug 2 different instruments into the DI MAX and blend the signals. Channel-1 also allows the use of an XLR input so you can use the DI MAX as a personal mic pre-amp. 

The UltraSound DI MAX preamp lets you dial in a clear, natural sound and route it to a stage PA from a balanced XLR output. A ¼" Line out sends the signal to your stage amp. Tone controls include active bass and treble EQ, mid-dip shape control, and phase switch. Operates on 48V phantom power, 9V adapter, or 9V battery.  May ship separately. 


  • Full-featured stereo preamp and DI box
  • "Bulletproof" metal housing
  • Input gain control for each channel to allow proper setting for the huge variety of acoustic pickup output levels
  • Balanced XLR output for routing the signal to a PA system
  • 1/4" Line Out for sending the signal to a stage amp
  • Both stage and PA outputs have their own level controls
  • 48V phantom power capability
  • Active bass and treble EQ for each channel
  • Mid-dip shape for each channel control permits removal of honky
  • Phase switch for each channel to help eliminate feedback

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