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Colorado Capo - Aluminum with 2.1
Colorado Capo - Aluminum with 2.1" Brass Blade
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Colorado Capo - Aluminum with 2.1" Brass Blade


Colorado Capo for 6-string guitars...

2.1" - Recommended for guitars with 1-7/8" nut widths, and for applications above the 5th fret for 1-3/4” nut width guitars. Check out our Colorado Capo review.

By moving all but the fretting edge of the capo away from the fret, the fretting hand has more room and less capo. Why does this matter? Well some chords, like B7 are easy without a capo. But as soon as you apply other capos, those chords become hard to play. Not so with the patented Colorado Capo - it gets out of the way, so you can play!

Most capos throw the guitar out of tune when applied. But the unique blade design of the Colorado Capo makes it easy to place the front edge of the capo directly behind the fret. This provides solid string-to-fret contact with minimum string deflection, so the guitar stays in tune. Other versions of the Colorado Capo include:

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