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Martin MSP7050 Phosphor Bronze Lifespan Custom Light Acoustic Strings

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Martin MSP7050 Phosphor Bronze Lifespan Custom Light Acoustic Strings

Martin MSP7050 Phosphor Bronze Lifespan Strings are treated with Martin's unique Cleartone technology, increasing the longevity of your strings without sacrificing the tone or playability. Martin SP Lifespan strings' Cleartone coating helps to repel the dirt and oils that build up on untreated guitar strings. Martin recognizes that a fresh sounding set of strings is key to a great sounding guitar which is why Lifespan strings are put on nearly every guitar that leaves their factory.

Cleartone is a registered trademark of Everly Music Company, Inc.

Superior Performance Meets Long Life!

Martin's newly redesigned string packaging makes the product easier to identify and ensures a longer shelf life. Martin string packages now feature a unique color for each product family making it simple to efficiently browse their entire line and find exactly what you're looking for. Martin has also begun packaging their strings in a sealed flow wrap packet to help ensure that the strings stay fresher longer, allowing players to store strings for long periods of time without worries of tone degradation.

String gauge: E - .011, B - .015, G - .023, D - .032, A - .042, E .052

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