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Orchid Mic Mute Lite
Orchid Mic Mute Lite
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Orchid Mic Mute Lite
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Orchid Mic Mute Lite

A simplified version of Orchid's Microphone Muting pedal - featuring just an XLR microphone input & output.

  • XLR microphone input (female)
  • XLR microphone output (male)
  • Bright red LED to show when muted
  • Momentary operating footswitch, push to mute then push again to un-mute. The latching action is carried out electronically
  • Phantom powered (passes phantom power on to the mic)
  • Silent, clickless muting
  • Housed in a strong aluminum die cast box 120 x 95 x 35mm
  • Weight: 300g

Orchid's larger Balanced Microphone Muting pedal has been well received & used in a variety of situations, but primarily by musicians with very high quality microphones fitted to their traditional style acoustic instruments - such as fiddles, cellos & basses. Widely used with DPA, Audio Technica, AKG, Neumann & Shure studio type microphones - as well as balanced contact microphones such as Shertler. This is also a great solution for musicians who produce Live Streams - as they can mute their mic hands-free! This model was requested by customers who didn't use or require any auxiliary outputs to feed a tuner or stage amplifier, as provided on Orchid's balanced Mic Mute pedal. The muting circuitry is powered by Phantom power from the mixing desk - this is passed on to the microphone. If you are using a dynamic microphone that does not need Phantom power - there is no problem, and NO risk of damage to it.

Orchid Electronics Balanced Microphone Muting Pedallite for use with studio quality balanced microphones - & ideal for use with microphones mounted on acoustic instruments. Momentary operating footswitch - latches electronically. Powered via applied Phantom from the mixing desk - this is passed on to the microphone housed in strong aluminum die cast case 120 x 95 x 35mm. Weight: 300g. Bright red LED to show when output is muted. Silent - click free muting Phantom passed through to microphone.


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