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Trance Audio Amulet Stereo

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The Amulet Stereo Guitar Pickup System
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Trance Audio Amulet Stereo Guitar Pickup System

We strongly recommend that you view the video below to ensure the Amulet Stereo will fit in your guitar! This system does not fit all makes & models of guitars. It WILL fit all modern Martins and Blueridges. Read Maury's Amulet Review. We play the products we sell, and Maury uses the Amulet in his guitar.  If you're interested in having Maury install one in your guitar, we can do that too! Maury is very familiar with this install and you're invited to drop off your guitar or ship it to us. Turnaround time is usually 5-7 days.  

  • True-Stereo (separate pickups for the bass and treble strings) Extremely Low Noise and High Dynamic Range
  • *NEW* User-selectable low-cut filter optimizes output for smaller speaker systems (see tab below for more information)
  • Direct-coupled circuitry for ultimate sensitivity and transparency
  • Rugged anodized chassis fits into the accessory compartment of your guitar case
  • Provides signal levels from microphone level to HOT line level
  • Output is summed to mono or true-stereo
  • Multiple instrument and pickup configurations are supported by a single Amulet system
  • Locking cables can be connected together for virtually unlimited length
  • AC or battery operation
  • Battery check indicator

The Amulet™ is a true-stereo acoustic guitar pickup and preamplifier system designed for the professional or semi-professional musician who is not satisfied with traditional saddle or magnetic pickups. 

The Amulet system utilizes two of Trance Audio's Acoustic Lens transducers which are mounted to the soundboard on the inside of the guitar. The Acoustic Lens accurately reproduces the warm, woody textures generated by the guitar's soundboard. 

Alternative pickup arrangements are also supported - the Amulet can be configured to support magnetic pickups or other transducers. An internal stereo preamp boosts the signal at the guitar and outputs a low impedance signal, allowing long cable runs without loss of fidelity.  The compact control unit at the other end of the cable presents a stereo or mono signal to your mixer or amplifier. 

A high quality, user- selectable low cut filter is included to concentrate and focus the low end power of the Acoustic Lens for smaller speaker systems and amplifiers.  The carefully engineered reponse eliminates unwanted low frequencies without removing any of the low end power of your guitar, even on instruments that are tuned far below standard pitch.

Like all Trance Audio products, the Amulet is designed with the criteria of super-wide dynamic range, extremely low noise and distortion, flexibility and reliability.

This Trance Audio product can only be shipped to a US address. Please contact Trance Audio for a retailer in your country.

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With a simple flick of a switch, the Amulet System's new low-cut filter removes any extreme low end that might strain smaller speaker systems without compromising the complete, full-range sound of your guitar, no matter how low you tune.

In response to user requests, Trance Audio recently added an exciting and useful update to the Amulet electronics package. A user-selectable lowcut filter has now been added to limit the extreme lower end response of the system for certain live performance and recording applications.

The powerful low-end response of the Acoustic Lens pickups adds impact and sensitivity to larger speaker systems, providing the listener with a realistic sense of "physical presence" of sound; with the proper system, you can practically "feel" the fingers contacting the strings! On smaller speaker and amplifier systems however, this muscular ability may tend to actually overpower the components involved. This can be especially apparent when playing very percussively around the bridge of the instrument, where the pickups are mounted. Since the bass side Acoustic Lens pickup is mounted in that area, it's kind of like tapping on a microphone; tapping lightly sounds good, tapping too hard will start to air-condition the audience from the flapping woofers in your speaker cabinets! But the new Amulet design changes all that with a simple flick of a switch...

The Amulet System's new low-cut filter has been carefully engineered to steeply remove any extreme low end excursions that might strain smaller speaker systems, but leaves the musical low end response of the instrument intact, even on those guitars that have been tuned far below normal pitch - the sound will still be the complete, full-range sound of your instrument. And the extremely low-noise design insures that the low-cut filter's operation is totally transparent to the user.

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