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Blueridge BR-140 - Rate and Review

Rate The Blueridge BR-140
 5 - Best Blueridge I ever played
 4 - Highly recommend the BR-140
 3 - Good Blueridge, give it a try
 2 - Did the job, nothing special
 1 - Save your money, forget the BR140

Blueridge BR-140 Reviews

Name or Forum username: joey pinter
Date: may 16 2013
Review: Blueridge BR-140
Rating you give the BR140: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Sounds great, very balanced, great neck.  Had to do a bit of work on the saddle but that's it.

Dislikes: none

Additional Comments: This is my 2ed blueridge first was a BR-40 I love it. I'll compare my 140 to any martin any day.

Name or Forum username: patrickneil
Date: 7/13/12
Review: BR160
Rating you give the Blueridge BR-160: 5 - Best thing I ever played

Likes: beautiful guitar (yes, i like the headstock salad!). the set up was perfect after tweaking the neck almost perfectly straight.  Maurys installed a Fishman Matrix and did a very nice job. Plays like butter out of the box!

Dislikes: nothing

Additional Comments: I'm a guitar "set up guy" who's very picky about nut and saddle height and spacing with a flat neck and low string height. I didn't even have to get out my nut files or sander to complete my setup on this guitar!  Thinking about pulling the trigger on another one as a backup. Thanks Maury and staff!

Name or Forum username:  johny o
Date:  1-19-08
Review:  Blueridge BR-140
Rating:  5 - Best thing I ever played

Like about the Blueridge BR140:  Beautiful instrument insane action, nicest instrument I've played besides my gibson les paul custom

Dislikes:  none

Additional Comments:  I recomend that anyone interested in a Martin check out a Blueridge first, the qualty is comparable and the price is not, very affordable unlike Martin.

Date:  12/23/07
Review:  Blueridge br 140
Rating you give the Blueridge BR140:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the Blueridge BR-140:  solid top, Nice action,

Dislike about the Blueridge BR140:  the headstock is small so i just wind the 1st and 6th stings backwards

Additional Comments:  well worth the money im a martinman but this blueridge is one heck of a guitar i love it
Name:  J James
Date:  Jan. 2, 2007
Review:  Blueridge BR-140
Rating you give the Blueridge BR140:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the Blueridge BR-140:  Sounds great and looks good.  Nice shimmering highs with the light guage strings it came with.  Came very well packaged. Stays tuned for extended periods.

Dislike about the Blueridge BR-140:  None, so far.
Blueridge BR-140,BR140,BR-140
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