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Thursday, December 31 2020
2020 Year in Review

To Auld Lang Syne and the Coming New Year!
Our final blog post for 2020 looks back across this most unusual of years to remind all of us how the power of music has brought so many together when they couldn’t even be in the same room. Maury had a wonderful time making music via the internet with so many talented artists. And we have enjoyed experiencing the music of our many friends and customers who have shared their own love of music onYouTube and Facebook and other forms of social media.

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Thursday, December 03 2020
Martin's Standard Series, Reimagined for the Twenty-First Century

Martin’s Standard Series, Reimagined for the Twenty-First Century

In 2018, Martin Guitars released the Reimagined Standard Series, with upgraded features for acoustic guitar models made in Styles 18 and above. This is why you will see (2018) next to the name of a Martin guitar model, e. g. 00-18 (2018) or D-42 (2018.) Extra, extra - read all about it!

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Saturday, November 21 2020
Martin vs Martin

Martin vs Martin!  It's like dueling pianos - without the pianos ... and we don't really duel. :D

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Thursday, November 19 2020
The Martin M-36

Q: Why isn’t the Martin M-36 called an M-35?
The M-36 is a classic Martin model with a unique configuration of features found nowhere else. Those familiar with Martin's catalog see the M-36 and recognize how closely it resembles guitars made in the classic Style 35. So why did they call it M-36? Let's find out!

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Thursday, November 05 2020
Why choose a 000 instead of a 00?

Why Choose a Martin 00 Instead of a 000? (Or Vice Versa) As we contemplate and compare the similarities between the wonderful Martin 000-16E Granadillo and 00-16E Granadillo, the differences between them are definitely in the details.

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