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Tuesday, May 09 2023
Fingerstyle Demos by El McMeen

Fingerstyle champ El McMeen visited Maury's Music to demo some great guitars for us. He's an incredibly-talented fingerstyle artist, and his use of CGDGAD tuning brings a unique resonance to the pieces he plays.

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Monday, May 08 2023
Martin Ukulele Demos

At long last, we're finally making strides in getting some Uke demo videos recorded, produced & out into the wild. Between Spoon Phillips, Maury Rutch and Dee Dasher, we're committed to putting together some really fun ukulele content.

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Monday, April 24 2023
Popular Guitar Myths DEBUNKED

If you've always wondered about popular acoustic guitar myths, how to tell which ones are based in truth - and which ones are total baloney  .... this episode of the Martins & More podcast with Spoon Phillips is for you!

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Sunday, April 16 2023
History of the Martin OM Orchestra Model

History of the Martin OM Orchestra Model - Martins & More Podcast with Spoon Phillips S2 E19. If you're a fan of Martin OMs, and always wanted to know more about their early days, the various different models & why Maury & Spoon love them so much :)  .... this episode is for you!

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Monday, April 10 2023
The Dick Boak Interview

On Friday, Martin 24, 2023, Maury and Spoon traveled to Nazareth, PA for a very special podcast at the home of Dick Boak. The venerable living legend sat down for a fascinating chat about his lifelong love of making guitars and similar instruments, beginning in his childhood, on through his 30-plus year career at C. F. Martin & Co., and featuring some of the many guitars Dick has built at his home workshop.

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