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Thursday, October 07 2021
Knowing Your Pins from Your Buttons

You might be surprised how many guitarists do not know the difference between a strap button and an end pin. Maury’s Music encounters this issue so often that we would like to set the record straight, with the hope that customers will not order the one thinking it is the other.

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Thursday, September 09 2021
Blueridge BR-143 vs Martin 000-18

The clear, woody tones singing from the sound hole of an Auditorium-size acoustic guitar with mahogany back and sides and topped with Sitka spruce makes beautiful music indeed. The Blueridge BR-143 is just such an instrument. On paper, the BR-143 appears to be quite similar to the celebrated Martin 000-18. You know what? They actually are quite similar, with perhaps the biggest difference between them being the expense required to own a 000-18 compared to the amazingly affordable price of the BR-143.

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Wednesday, August 11 2021
Martin OM-28 vs Blueridge BR-163

The latest installment of Maury’s popular A vs. B series compares two popular guitar models, the Blueridge BR-163 from the Historic Series of traditional designs inspired by various pre-war Martin guitars, and the Martin OM-28 from the Standard Series, which upgraded in 2018 to get its own pre-war Martin styling. These two awesome Auditorium-size acoustic are similar, yet offer a unique playing experience from one another.

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Monday, July 26 2021
Friendship and Music 2021

Maury has been a proud member of the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum since 2002 & he's attended every MartinFest. This year, Martinfest was officially cancelled again (for all the right reasons) - but many UMGF members & friends have also joined the Friendship & Music Facebook Group... and we've decided to get-together for a one-day jam. 

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Tuesday, July 20 2021
Fretboard Journal Podcast - An Interview with Maury

The Fretboard Journal Podcast Episode 332: Maury's Music!

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