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Wednesday, November 14 2018

The Sound Birds are an eclectic trio of musicians who specialize in acoustic harmony featuring guitar, flute, harmonica and mandolin. Check 'em out!

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Thursday, November 08 2018

Angela Lopata and Maury used to play together in Separate Roads. It took us too long, but we finally found time to revisit some of those old tunes.  Check it out.

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Friday, November 02 2018

Our friend Payne dropped by again to jam on a few tunes! Maury is playing a Martin D-18 and Payne has his new Martin D-18 Ambertone Custom. Check it out!

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Thursday, October 25 2018

We are pleased to announce the eleventh annual DORKFest, an extravaganza of music and frivolity near Allentown, PA. For the uninitiated, DORKFest is a weekend of plugged-in, high voltage classic rock at a great hotel bar featuring DORKF...

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Thursday, October 18 2018

Heavily inspired and influenced by acts from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, The Munoz Brothers seek to recreate and adapt the music of the past with a unique personal twist. Comprised of brothers Ivan Munoz (bass, vocals) and Damian Munoz (guitar, vocals), the acoustic duo aims to bridge the gap between “the contemporary” and “the classic” through their instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

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