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Thursday, October 18 2018
The Munoz Brothers Dropped By!

Heavily inspired and influenced by acts from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, The Munoz Brothers seek to recreate and adapt the music of the past with a unique personal twist. Comprised of brothers Ivan Munoz (bass, vocals) and Damian Munoz (guitar, vocals), the acoustic duo aims to bridge the gap between “the contemporary” and “the classic” through their instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

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Wednesday, June 20 2018
The Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35

Our pal Chris Davis demos the Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35.  Chris takes us through 2 different channels & 3 modes, alternating between cleans & mid-gain.  

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Thursday, December 22 2016
Japan 4 dropped by

Tim Yhelka has been working at Maury's Music since July of 2016.  We finally convinced him to bring his band in for a visit!

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Wednesday, October 12 2016
Mesa/Boogie Lonestar Series

The Lone Star series of Mesa/Boogie amplifiers brings together Fender cleans and Mark 1 overdive. If Keith Richards, Mark Knopfler and Eric Johnson had to share ONE amplifier, I have no doubt it would be the Mesa/Boogie Lone Star. Why? Read on and I'll explain.

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Wednesday, August 17 2016
Mesa/Boogie Mark Series

The Mark Series

The Mark Series  the oldest Mesa/Boogie series, but it includes Randall Smith's oldest guitar amp the Mark I (1970) and his newest: the JP-2C Mark IIC+. There's a lot of ground to cover here. Let's dive in.

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Wednesday, May 18 2016
Mesa Boogie Rectifier Series

We honestly feel that Boogies are the Martin Guitars of tube amps. One of the most popular series is the fabled Rectifier series of handmade amplifiers from Petaluma, California. 

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Wednesday, July 15 2015
Why Buy Mesa Tubes?

 It’s no great mystery that musician’s buy tube amps for tones and a feel that can only be derived from the glass bottles we call tubes. Players obtain MESA/Boogie amps because they realize that the amps are so tonally versatile and so well built that they can last their entire career. Many players possess a great knowledge about the features of their Boogies but what I’ve found in my travels is that there is quite a lot of confusion about the main participant in the tonal foundation, the tubes.

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