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Monday, September 25 2023
Why Does My Guitar Buzz?

Why Does My Guitar Buzz?

The buzzword for this Martins and More podcast isn’t all that good, since it is “buzz.” As in, what causes your guitar to buzz when you play it. Buzzing can mean different things to different people. When Maury says “buzz” and Spoon says “buzz” and you say “buzz” you all may be referring to completely different audible phenomena. Whichever sound you are hearing that you describe as a buzz or buzzing may be caused by any number of various reasons.


In this investigative podcast Maury and Spoon will try to put their fingers on the buzzers and what to do about them. They will discern what qualifies as a buzz and what does not. In cany case, they will use as many buzzwords as necessary to diagnose common mechanical issues behind unwanted noise coming from an acoustic guitar, and what the player might do to alleviate the pesky pests buzzing around their ears.

Have you had success in ridding a guitar of unwanted buzzing? Do your buzzwords match up with Spoon’s or Maury’s or both? Were you left with any questions after hearing this podcast? Please add your comments in the YouTube version of this podcast, or by writing us at with your comments on this podcast and your suggestions for future podcasts.

Why does my guitar buzz? Hopefully we've helped you find out.


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