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Tuesday, April 17 2018
Blueridge BG-180RW

The Blueridge BG-180RW combines the easy playability of short scale length with the warmth & power of a slope-shoulder rosweood body.  Read on!

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Monday, May 22 2017
Spoon Phillips compares the Blueridge BR-183 & BR-183A

Spoon Phillips compares the Sitka-topped Blueridge BR-183 to the Adirondack-topped BR-183A.  Which one do you prefer & why

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Thursday, January 26 2017
Blueridge Adirondack Dreadnought Comparison

One of our customers requested a comparison video.  He wanted to hear the differences between the Blueridge BR-140A and BR-160A.  We said give us 24 hours and we'll do the BR-180A too.  And our story does unfold.  

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Wednesday, June 08 2016
Bear Claw on Acoustic Guitars

This week we take a trip into the woods and check out some Bear Claws!

"The idea goes that if a bear scratches a tree then after the wood heals it’s going to leave 'scars'. While I will admit that this explanation is a lot cooler than what’s actually happening, it’s simply not true."

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Thursday, April 21 2016
Acoustic Guitar Break-In

This week we take a look into the future! Will your guitar sound better next year than it does today? That depends on how well it "Breaks-In".

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Monday, December 14 2015
Chris Davis dropped by

At Maury's Music, we play the products we sell.  Maury has performed onstage with some very talented local musicians over the years, and they're all fans of Maury's Music.  :)

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Wednesday, October 07 2015
Naming a Blueridge Guitar

A great resource for someone looking for a Blueridge guitar, this week we talk about how Blueridge guitar model names work.

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Wednesday, September 23 2015
Acoustic Guitar Body Size & Scale Length

Today we get into the nitty gritty, talking about how Body Size and Scale Length affect the sound of your acoustic guitar.

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