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Blueridge BR-40 - Rate and Review

Rate The Blueridge BR-40
 5 - Best Blueridge I ever played
 4 - Highly recommend the BR-40
 3 - Good Blueridge, give it a try
 2 - Did the job, nothing special
 1 - Save your money, forget the BR40

Blueridge BR-40 Reviews

Name:  bernard
Date:  4/26
Review:  BR40
Rating you give thr Blueridge BR40:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the BR-40:  I have a Martin HD28. I needed a guitar for playing with "guys".  This model fares well compared to the Martin.

Dislikes:  Some of the finish is c/w with its price.  Sounds lighter than the Martin.

Additional Comments:  Awesome value for the money.  Would recommend it to guys who have Martin and can use the BR for rough travels or campkfire playing.


Name:  Sujith
Date:  7/27/07
Review:  Blueridge  BR-40
Rating you give the Blueridge BR40:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the Blueridge BR-40:  1. Excellent craftmanship.  2. Nice deep sound.

Dislike about the Blueridge BR40:  1. The overlays may slightly rub off with friction. 

Additional Comments:  I had been going to various music stores and playing all the name brands at this price point and the Blueridge BR-40 was the definite winner.  It is laminate body and so will make an excellent campfire guitar.  It scored over higher priced Takamine, Alverz, Tahoma and stood its ground well when compared with the Martin D-16RGT.

I had purchased a Seagull S6 online from all the hype and then realized there was one more music store in my town that I had not explored which carried the Seagull. I immedietly went there, played their Seagull and was happy with my purchase online, untill.. I played the Blueridge BR-40. It simply blue away both the Ceder and Spruce top Seagull S6. The workmanship quality was identical.

Many people including me had been convinced that all Chinese products are inferior, but the Blueridge really was much better than the Seagull S6.

Don't go with what others say.. You will find pleanty of reviews that claim cheap guitars ($300-$600) to be better than the high end Martins like D-28 etc... I don't know how people can write such reviews... so play the guitars and decide for yourself.

At this price point, I am really happy that I bought one of the best guitars after playing many many in three different stores for over two weeks.


Name:  TravisRoberts
Date:  6/01/07
Review:  BlueRidge BR-40
Rating you give the Blueridge BR40:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the Blueridge BR-40:  PRICE!  Sound, design, Price, playability.

Dislike about the Blueridge BR40:  Nothing big enough to complain about.

Additional Comments:  I play this with two friends who both own Martins (a D-18 and an HD-28) and my BR-40 has no problem hanging with 'em.  Awesome guitar...and a fourth of the price of a Martin.

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