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D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System - Rate and Review

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D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System Reviews

Forum username: Thumpit
Date: 04/07/2010
Review: Humidipak waterless humidity control kit
Rating you give the Humidipak: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: It provides just the right amount of humidity with no fear of water damage.

Dislikes: Planet Waves knows what they've got. It's still rather expensive and it must be replaced every 3 months.

Additional Comments: Use it for your acoustic. When 3 months is up, don't throw it away. I put the old packs in with a Warwick Streamer I had been disapointed with. After a month, I noticed improved playablility and now it's my favorite instrument. This is a must for anyone who owns an acoustic guitar in the desert.
Name: Rich
Date: 2/21/2010
Rating you give Humidipak: 1 - Save your money

Likes: Easy to use.

Dislikes: If you have more than one acoustic guitar, you need a very good income to continue to replace the pac's. In a winter environment with 35% ambient humidity, the guitar in a quality hard case and not exposed to the environment, the packs will last about 2 weeks and then turn to stone. These are the new improved pac's. I have switched back to sponge humidifiers.
D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System
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