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Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI) 

The only points where the energy from the strings is transmitted to the guitar top to be amplified are the bridge saddle, bridge pins and nut.  The more of this energy that is transferred, the better the sound.  FWI is extremely dense and a very good conductor of this vibrational energy.  Since FWI is acoustically transparent, it transfers the available frequency range of the guitar evenly, without coloring the sound.  As a rule, the better the guitar the more responsive the top.  The more responsive the top, the more impact from adding FWI.  An unexpected bonus you may notice is that you are playing significantly longer before having to change strings.  The efficiency of the FWI allows the strings to sound better longer.

Replacing the bridge saddle with FWI will give you the most discernable impact.  You will have more volume, more sustain, better note-to-note clarity and improved tone.  The improvement that you hear in going from plastic to bone or mammoth ivory can be doubled by going to FWI.  Replacing the pins will give you basically the same improvements as the saddle, just not as dramatic.

The walrus ivory is at least 25% more dense than elephant ivory, and that is what makes it better at transferring vibrations from the strings to the top of a guitar.  You can prove this by weighing  a set of FWI pins and elephant or mammoth ivory pins.  The FWI are going to be about 25% heavier.  It is significant enough that you can tell by holding them in your hand.

The term "fossilized ivory" is somewhat misleading. Ancient ivory is more accurate. Although minerals are absorbed from the surrounding ground over the years, the material still is ivory. It is not mineralized to stone like a prehistoric dinosaur bone. Because minerals are absorbed by the ivory, fossilized ivory is preferred over white ivory for use in stringed instruments.  FWI ranges from 400 years to 10,000 years old, with most of it in the 1,500 to 5,000 year range.

All products are in full compliance with the Marine Mammal Protection Act of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

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