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Fossilized Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins - Rate and Review

Rate The Fossilized Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins
 5 - Best thing I ever bought
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Fossilized Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pin Reviews

Name:  Ephram Sikes
Date:  09 28 07
Review:  FWJ Bridge Pins
Rating you give the Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins:  3 - Good product give it a try

Like about the Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins:  A nice tight, clean sound emanates from these FWJ pins providing you have a good saddle on your guitar.

Dislike about the Fossilized Walrus Jawbone Bridge Pins:  No complaints.

Additional Comments:  These are sort of the poor man's alternative to FWI bridge pins. The natural speckling in their overall appearance vaguely resembles a scoop of good french vanilla ice cream (the kind with the ground vanilla bean visible in it)and adds a distinctive natural look to your guitar. These pins are very hard and its interesting to learn that even the jawbone of a long deceased walrus can enhance to sound of one's guitar. I am curious as to why fossilized walrus femurs are not used for saddle material as the ones from modern day cows are. Maury's is one of the few dealers where these FWJ pins are readily available and I noticed that they can even be purchased separately in case you accidentaly lose one.


Forum username:  Jmattyred
Date:  8/23/07
Review:  FWJ Bridge pins
Rating you give the Walrus Jawbone bridge pins:  5 - Best pins I ever used

Like about the FWJ bridge pins:  I started with a 93 HD-28 that had plastic bridge pins.  The guitar now has tremendious volume and overtones.  I know the pins are pricey but if you have plastic pins now you will be getting a new guitar for 90 bucks, what a deal!!

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