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Virtuoso Premium Guitar Cleaner
Virtuoso Premium Guitar Cleaner
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Virtuoso Premium Guitar Cleaner

Designed to give new life to vintage instruments, Virtuoso Premium Guitar Cleaner is made to cut through years worth of dirt, oil, sweat or whatever else a well loved guitar may be subject to. Unlike the majority of guitar cleaners on the market, Virtuoso contains no wax, which can build up on an instrument’s surface and create a hazy coating with years of use. Formulated to work on even the most delicate nitrocellulose finishes, Virtuoso can help to bring the luster and shine back to even the most road worn instruments without any danger of harming the guitars looks or value.  

Virtuoso Premium Guitar Cleaner is designed to be used on instruments with years worth of dirt and buildup and not for maintaining a shine over the long term. If you’re looking for a product to keep your new or newly cleaned instrument looking that way, please check out Virtuoso Premium Guitar Polish. 

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