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K&K Pure Western Pickup - Rate and Review

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K&K Pure Western Pickup Reviews
Name:  Andy
Date:  09/09/06
Review:  Pure Western Classic
Rating you give the Pure Western Pickup:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the K&K Pure Western:
  Sounds way better than the I beam, much fuller midrange

Dislike about the K&K Pure Western:  Drag to install

Additional Comments:  With a Para Di and blended with a mic, it's about the best amplified classical sound I have heard
Name:  Mike
Date:  06/25/06
Review:  K&K Pure Western
Rating you gave the K&K Pure Western:  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the K&K Pure Western:  Great sound.  Have it mounted in a D35.  At first I thought it was just OK.  I've been playing open Mics for the past few months using guitars with side mounted preamps  or sound hole pup.  A few weeks ago I pulled the Martin out of storage and have been taking it to play out.  WOW, what was I thinking.  This pickup sounds absolutely wonderful!  And I never could figure out how to get the best sound with all the knobs and buttons with the onboard preamp on my other guitars.

Dislike about the K&K Pure Western:  Next time I install one of these, I will pass on the tape mount.  It was more difficult to mount the tape than anything.

Additional Comments:  I've read this before, but I have to admit.  Amplified with this pickup,  my D35 sounds just like my guitar unplugged.  No fuss, no muss.
UMGF Username:  Broktun
City/State:  Cumberland, MD, USA
Date:  July 19, 2004
Review:  K&K Pure Western Pickup
Rating:  4 - Highly recommend it

Liked about the K&K Pure Western Pickup:  It is a nice, natural sounding passive pickup that is hot enough to run straight to the board.  Also, there is very little external modification needed to mount the pickup.  Just the jack replacing the endpin.

Disliked about the K&K Pure Western Pickup:  So far, there is very little to dislike.  I am playing some open mic nights, and when I told the host I was using a passive pickup, he kicked up the gain and we had a feedback issue.  When the gain was dialed in, the feedback went away.

Additional Comments:  Price wise it is a good deal.  I bought from Maury, and paid $30 for an install.  Add a Baggs PARA DI for an excellent sound!
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