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Mammoth Ivory Guitar Saddle - Rate and Review

Rate the Mammoth Ivory Guitar Saddle
 5 - Best thing I ever bought
 4 - Highly recommend it
 3 - Good saddle, give it a try
 2 - Did the job, nothing special
 1 - Save your money

Fossilized Mammoth Guitar Saddle Reviews

Name: Ernie
Date: 1-16-2010
Review: Mammoth ivory saddle
Rating you give the Fossilized Mammoth Ivory saddle: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Improved the sound of my Martin over Tusq saddle.  Enhanced the full range of my Martin.

Dislikes: None

Additional Comments: I bought a Mammoth ivory saddle from another dealer of parts. It said "drop in Martin saddle" I spent over 1hour sanding. Not only the normal saddle bottom that needs to be done for the action. Also spent 70% of that time doing the sides for width so it would fit in the bridge slot. The dust was just flying as I tried to get a fit. This amount of sanding changes the top of the saddle. Then I had to take more off the ends and not just a little. This is a drop in. I then ordered a real drop in from Maury and needed to take just a little off the bottom.

Forum username:  hkmls5
Date:  11/29/07
Review:  mammoth ivory saddle
Rating you give the mammoth ivory saddle:
  2 - Did the job nothing special

Like about the mammoth ivory saddle:  Easy replacement for original.  Some sanding down to the height required.

Dislike about the mammoth ivory saddle:  I used on a custom 000-16 that had a bone saddle.  This mammoth piece noticeably degraded the existing sound.

Additional Comments:  I have used mammoth on other guitars, unless this particular one was a bad piece, it failed to enhance or even match the factory supplied bone.
UMGF username:  StringPlucker
Date:  10/04/05
Review:  Mammoth Ivory Saddle
Rating you give the Mammoth Ivory Saddle:
  5 - Best thing I ever bought

Liked about the Mammoth Ivory Saddle:  This saddle really opened my custom 000-16RGT up. It has a louder bass response as well as brighter trebles.  It also allows the strings to ring a lot longer, very bell like.

Disliked about the Mammoth Ivory Saddle:  No dislikes at all.

Additional Comments:  I was a little wary of replacing my original Micarta saddle as I had never done this before. The instructions Maury included for saddle replacement were well written, easy to understand, and right on the money. I was able to resize the mammoth ivory saddle with ease and fit it to my guitar bridge easily thanks to Maury's great instructions.
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