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Martin 000-42 - Rate and Review

Martin 000-42 Reviews

Name: Ed Ball
Date: 11/27/2012
Review: Martin 000-42
Rating you give the Martin 00042: 5 - Best thing I ever played

Likes: Sustained harmonics. Volume out of the case. Sparkles like a new diamond under lights. A real beauty!

Dislikes: None found.

Additional Comments: Just arrived and here's the Verdict! After playing a Martin D-28 all these years, then playing the 000-42, I may never go back to the D-28. Wow! What a difference. In defense of the D-28 I upgraded the 000-42 to Fossilized Walrus Ivory saddle and FWI pins. Effortlessly play hammer ons, pull offs, bends, and the tone, what a beauty. Sustained ringing over all, the harmonics are unbelievable. Fingerstyle with ease, feels natural and plenty of volume, but flatpickin is where it's at, the loss of the booming bass is made up in the well-defined and balanced tones in the hammer-ons and pull-offs across the scales. (Don't get me wrong, it's still a Martin) With my short stubby fingers, I find it easier to play than the D-28 also. Great job Maury, just another superb Martin masterpiece! And its not even broke in yet, imagine what it'll sound like in five years or more down the road.


Name:  David T Martin
Date:  6/19/06
Review:  Martin 000-42
Rating you gave the Martin 00042:  5 - Best thing I ever bought

Like about the Martin 000-42:  I am very pleased with this bright, rich-toned guitar. The short-scale is a delight, and the richness of tone and playability are supurb. I also have an OM-42, and was concerned the two guitars might be too much alike, but I've found the 000-42 to be brighter and punchier, and the two go well together.

Forum username:  leftyD15
Date:  11/28/05
Review:  Martin 000-42
Rating:  5 - Best thing I ever bought

Liked about the Martin 000-42:  TONE!  Awesome, mid-rangey Martin Triple-Aught sound, wonderful richness and sustain.  Aesthetics are awesome perfect amount of pearl, gorgeous wood and slick-as-glass finish.

Disliked about the Martin 000-42:  Tuners - just okay.  I'll be upgrading to gold Waverlies next year sometime

Additional Comments:  Bought this from Maury, who went above and beyond the call of duty by arranging to let me pick it up at the Factory during MartinFest '05.
Rate the Martin 000-42
 5 - Best Martin I ever played
 4 - Highly recommend the Martin 000-42
 3 - Good Martin, give it a try
 2 - Did the job, nothing special
 1 - Save your money, forget the 00042

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