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Martin 600 series thermoplastic guitar case - Rate and Review

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Martin hardshell case,
Martin 600 series thermoplastic guitar case

Martin 600 Series Thermoplastic Case Reviews
Name: Brett Wickers
Date: March 02/09
Review: Martin Thermoplastic Case
Rating you give the Martin 600 Series guitar case: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Very durable exterior; takes accidental scuffs & abrasions well; provides relatively good insulation & protection from bad outdoor weather (i.e. rain).

Dislikes: Being molded plastic, it has a cheesey look that some folks don't particularly care for & is somewhat non-traditional in appearance though these things have been around since the early 70s.

Additional Comments: Despite its cosmetic appearance, it's a very sturdy case.  I've had mine transported in the air cargo section of a passenger liner & subjected to typical airline baggage handling abuse.  I would have more skepticism & concern over my guitar's safety if it were inside one of the more traditional wood/tolex cases in this particular environment.  The 'classic' cases look nicer but are better reserved for lighter gig or home use.
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