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Martin Ebony Bridge Pin Set - Rate and Review

Rate the Martin Ebony Bridge Pin Set
 5 - Best thing I ever bought
 4 - Highly recommend it
 3 - Good product, give it a try
 2 - Did the job, nothing special
 1 - Save your money

Martin Ebony Bridge Pin Reviews

Name: Jim
Date: 7/8/2010
Review: Martin Ebony Bridge Pins
Rating you give thw Martin Ebony Bridge Pins: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: My HD-28 was annoying me with an overly bright treble response. To my surprise, switching from the factory pins to ebony pins really have made quite a difference, in a good way. The trebles have mellowed out (still bright but not shrill) and the overall sound is now wonderfully balanced and resonant.

Dislikes: No dislikes.

Name: chris
Date: 12-30-09
Review: martin black ebony bridge pins

Likes: everything

Dislikes: I didn't get them sooner

Additional Comments: These things are well worth the money. If your thinking about buying them do it. Sustain and volume increased noticeably. I really felt a lot more vibration in the tuners as i was tuning up.  I cant say enough good things about them. Thanks Maury.
Forum username: Bubbalou
Date: 8/10/08
Review: Martin Ebony Bridge pins
Rating you give the ebony bridge pins item:
4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Smooth mellow highs, Lows clear and distinct.
Definitely a sweet tone using Phosper
Bronze strings as it tamed them a little.

Dislikes: Wish the color was white so they would contrast with the black micarta bridge on my Martin.

Name:  James
Date:  2/2/06
Review:  Martin ebony bridge pins
Rating you give the Martin Ebony Bridge Pins:
  4 - Highly recommend it

Like about the Martin Ebony Bridge Pins:  Much deeper bottom end w/ noticeably greater sustain across the entire range.  A fuller, more crisp sound overall.

Dislike about the Martin Ebony Bridge Pins:  Nothing

Additional Comments:  I've owned and played my D-18 for 35 years, so my ear is attuned to my guitar's voice.  The difference is quite noticeable, yielding a bigger and fatter overall sound.  Whereas the bass tone was always warm and more transparent, it now really sounds out and drives a more resonant and throaty voice, especially when playing open

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