Maury's Price Match Guarantee

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to match the lowest instrument price you've seen and make good on our guarantee!
If you see a lower price or coupon for a new instrument, AND ARE READY TO PURCHASE within 48 hours, we'll match it.  Offer expires in 48 hours.  Very few of our customers find lower prices.  We mystery-shop the competition regularly to guarantee that you always get the best price at Maury's Music.  As long as we can verify the price - we'll match it!  If a competitor is less on the instrument, but charges more for shipping, we've still got the best price.  If a local store is less on a product, but collected more for tax, you can count on us to have the best price. 
Our guarantee applies to in-stock* identical merchandise. This means the instrument must be factory-fresh new inventory offered by an authorized U.S. retailer, in their inventory and ready to ship. Obviously we cannot beat competing offers on used gear, clearance items, dent & scratch items, shopworn floor models, or items that are no longer current or have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  If you stick to a new instrument, we've got you covered.

Before, during and after the holidays - no one sells for less!

* at least one of our competitors labels some guitars as in-stock and attaches the condition that they need 1-7 days to process your order.  These items are in fact not in stock. They collect your order and then they need 1-7 days to receive your guitar from the manufacturer. Sorry, these instruments are exempt from our price-match policy.  


Please contact us to receive your price match.

Please note:  If you've received a price match or lower price, please don't forget to enter your coupon code during checkout.

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