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Martin Retro Series

Martin Retro Series acoustic-electric guitars provide contemporary Martin playability with vintage Martin looks, in combination with state-of-the-art Fishman® Aura® VT Enhance™ electronics that use exclusive Aura microphone images of actual pre-war Martins, to create plugged-in tone that is more like a vintage Martin heard through an excellent microphone than any other pick-up system available in the world today.

These extraordinary Retro Series instruments are the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between Company CEO Chris Martin, Larry Fishman of Fishman Electronics, and Grammy® Award-winning record producer Bil VornDick.

As Larry Fishman put, “We took the voice from vintage instruments and transplanted them in the Retro Series with overwhelming success.”

Priceless pre-war guitars were taken from the Martin Museum, including “holy grails” like a 1942 D-45, a 1941 D-28, and a 1937 D-18, to Morningside Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. There, producer VornDick recorded these awesome instruments using his famous collection of the very best vintage and modern microphones in the world. These recordings were then sent to Larry Fishman, who used them to create the microphone images that get loaded into the small, lightweight computer inside each Retro Series guitar, which operates the Aura technology.

This is not artificial, pre-fab modeling, but actual micro-managed EQ with other special effects, applied to the live signal coming from the pick-up by means of incredibly complicated algorithms, mimicking the behavior and response of a microphone’s diaphragm, and adjusting to the guitarist’s performance dynamics in real time.

You may never be able to afford the price of a pre-war Martin, but you can now take the stage with a thoroughly modern acoustic-electric guitar that has plugged-in tone more like a vintage Martin than can be had at any price anywhere else.

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