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  Installing a Guitar Saddle 
Thank you for purchasing one of our bone saddles, buffalo horn saddles, Mammoth Ivory saddles, or Fossilized Walrus Ivory saddles!  Every acoustic guitar can benefit from a bone or Mammoth Ivory saddle, but correct installation is key.  Please feel free to give us a call if you would like some more one-on-one advice.  Here we go!
First off - remove the old saddle by pulling straight up, making sure you're not pulling at an angle... this can damage the saddle and bridge.  If it's very snug, use a pliers and go slow. If you would like to keep your existing action, you'll want to make sure that the new saddle is exactly as tall as your old one.  To do this, hold both saddles together with their tops flush.  Simply scribe a line across the bottom of the old saddle and sand the new saddle down to that line.  If you want to change your action at the 12th fret, you must double the difference at the saddle.  For example, to raise your 12th fret action by 1/32", you must make the new saddle 1/16" taller.
The bottom of the saddle should be perfectly flat.  If its not, you're not making full contact with the bridge and string balance problems could arise... especially if you have an undersaddle pickup.
By the way, I've done lots of pickup installations and I have never had a problem with bone saddles & string volume issues.
Tape a sheet of sandpaper (I like to use 220 grit) to a flat table or countertop.  Hold the saddle against a small straightedge, and carefully sand it across the paper... back & forth, checking your progress often.  If you sand too much off, you'll have to start over with a new saddle, and that's no fun!  When you get close to the target line, hold the ruler against the bottom of the saddle, and hold it up to a light.  If you can see any light sneaking in-between the ruler & saddle - its not flat. Take care to flatten these spots out, and you're ready to drop 'er in.
Hint:  When fitting the saddle in the bridge, you'll notice one end is taller than the other (when you stand the saddle upright).  Install the saddle in your guitar so that the thickest string crosses the tall end of the saddle.  Put it in backwards and be prepared to watch your tuner go crazy :)

If you have any questions at all, please call (610) 871-1673 - we're happy to help!
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Compensated Bone Saddles for Martin Acoustic Guitars



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Compensated Buffalo Horn Saddle
for Martin Acoustic Guitars
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Compensated Mammoth Ivory Saddle
for Martin Acoustic Guitars
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Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI) Compensated Guitar Saddle drop in replacement for Martin Guitars

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