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Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI) Guitar Saddle - Rate and Review

Rate The Fossilized Walrus Ivory Guitar Saddle
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FWI Compensated Saddle Reviews

Name: Keith
Date: October 10, 2009
Review: FWI saddle
Rating you give the Fossilized Walrus Ivory guitar saddle: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Very nice tone effects, attractive, and good fit (little sanding needed for Martin)

Dislikes: a little expensive, but as they say..."You get what you pay for?"

Additional Comments: This site's bone saddle made a HUGE tone improvement over my plastic tusq saddle (in a Martin DM). The switch from bone to a FWI saddle produces tone benefits that are not as dramatic, but still noticable. The tone "rings" more, a little like the difference between new and slightly used strings. The bass had a little more punch, but no volume gain was noticed. The note clarity improved slightly. If price is a factor, stick with Maury's compensated bone saddle. If you're willing to pay for some nice tone refinement, enjoy! By the way, the first FWI saddle sent to me was a little too loose, but Maury QUICKLY shipped one that fit perfectly at no additional charge. Great customer service!


Forum username: Cibby53
Date: 04/22/09
Review: Walrus Ivory Saddle
Rating you give the FWI guitar saddle: 5 - Best thing I ever played

Likes: The walrus ivory saddle was a huge improvement over the Tusq saddle that came in my Martin D15. I put the walrus ivory saddle in my D15 because it is my favorite acoustic. The bass response went off the chart and the improvement in the high end was shocking.The sound is balanced the bass deeper the mids and high end sparkle.

Dislikes: Nothing

Additional Comments: Not all saddles are the same. I bought a FWI saddle from another source because the price was less.  It was supposed to be a Martin drop in but I ended up sanding at least for 1 hour to get the proper fit.  Not just the bottom but the side to get it to fit in the bridge slot.  I also had to to sand the top because I had to take so much off for thickness. With the FWI from Maurys I only had to sand the bottom a little for proper string height at the 12th fret bass E string.  The difference in sound was a lot the saddle from Maurys was much better and it was a true drop in.

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Fossilized Walrus Ivory (FWI) Compensated Guitar Saddle
drop in replacement for Martin Guitars

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