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Martin D-28 Marquis - Rate and Review


Martin D-28 Marquis Reviews


Name: Dr. Hunter Greenwood
Date: 12/08/2011
Review: Martin D28 Marquis
Rating you give the Martin D-28 Marquis: 5 - Best thing I ever played

Likes: Awesome sound, Excellent construction, Finish is great,S ustain is very good out of the box, Extra finger room/string spacing, Comfortable mod V neck, Adirondack top is very resonant, Fossilized Ivory for nut and bridge, Forward shifted golden era scalloped bracing brings out best in sound and is very resonant.  I like the sound of this Marquis better than my previous Martin D41, even though I loved my D41 (I never thought I would like any guitar better than my D41!).  I especially like the sound of the D and G open strings.What a difference!

Dislikes: It would have been nice to have the D40-D45 series of premium grade East Indian Rosewood for back and sides (in comparison to my D41), however the wood used was very nice and finished beautifully.

Additional Comments: Maury chose this guitar for me at the Martin factory.  I relied on his experience and musical ear to pick out the one with the best sound/intonation.  He chose very well and tweaked the setup to my playing style.  I am very happy with the sound of this new Marquis.  I highly recommend Maury and the Martin D28 Marquis.

Forum username:  countryroads
Date:  6/5/2007
Review:  Martin D-28 Marquis
Rating you give the Martin D28 Marquis:  5 - Best thing I ever played

Like about the Martin D-28 Marquis:  This guitar can handle all of my musical moods and needs.  It stands up to hard bluegrass as well as fingerstyle and rings like a bell on the highs.  Intonation is accurate up the neck and when capoed.  I appreciate the elegant simplicity of the inlays and finish work.  It is a piece of art.

Dislike about the Martin D28 Marquis:  Nothing

Additional Comments:  This guitar is true to the music and the craftsmanship heritage of the vintage era.  Adirondack spruce is worth the money.

Forum username:  ac5aa
Date:  10/26/2006
Review:  Martin D-28 Marquis
Rating you give the Martin D28 Marquis:  5 - Best thing I ever played

Like about the Martin D-28 Marquis:  Outstanding resonance and fullness, great volume, but also can be played fingerstyle with nice response - lots of headroom.  Beautifully constructed, and enormous sound.

Dislike about the Martin D-28 Marquis:  Parhaps a tiny shade more "introverted" than the D-28CW, but not much to dislike with this guitar!

Additional Comments:  I had been searching for "my" guitar for several years, and when the Marquis came along, the search was over. I've been playing it happily now for almost 2 years. My other guitars are very jealous of the time I spend with it!

Rate the Martin D-28 Marquis
5 - Best Martin I ever played
4 - Highly recommend the Martin D-28 Marquis
3 - Good Martin, give it a try
2 - Did the job, nothing special
1 - Save your money, forget the D28 Marquis

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