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Martin OMJM John Mayer - Rate and Review

Martin OMJM John Mayer Reviews

Name: Drew
Date: 11/06/2013
Review: Martin OMJM
Rating you give the Martin OMJM John Mayer: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Fit and finish on the guitar are flawless - Typical high end Martin execution and it is a visually stunning guitar. The sound which is what counts, is very complex. Very rich warm bass, without being too boomy, and shimmering mids and highs. Probably some of the best sustain I've seen on a guitar, and this with stock plastic bridge bins and Tusq saddle. It will be interesting to see the improvement with bone and FWI. The complexity in the sound is perhaps best described as a rich subtlety - as an OM size guitar it can be sonically over driven if you really wail on it, but if played with a little less attack it is probably the richest full sounding guitar I have heard played a little lighter or fingerpicked. Closest thing it comes to is a Taylor 814CE, but with better mids and highs. The word crystalline comes to mind but without the Taylor brightness. It's hard to really describe, but it gets better every time I pick it up, and I cant seem to put it down. Woods, especially Englemann spruce top are sublime.

Dislikes: The Martin SP strings while long lasting take longer than most to break in. They usually sound like junk for the first few days of playing, but once broken in are very good and last a long time. The passive pickup sounds excellent, but you will be making all adjustments on the amp itself.

Additional Comments: As in any guitar, get a proper setup for your playing style, or at the very least let it humidify to your environment and adjust the neck if needed. I never get the "Martin too hard to play thing". Easier to adjust an action down than up. Criticism of the MT vs. DT neck is poppycock. Sound is everything and this sounds better than many standard DT models.

Name: Jeffrey
Date: 7/17/2012
Review: Martin OMJM
Rating you give the Martin OMJM John Mayer: 4 - Highly recommend it

Likes: Just a beautiful execution of a rather simple, understated design. Classic beauty that will stand the test of time. My OMJM is extremely well done, flawless craftsmanship.

Dislikes: Not sold on pickup, be nice to have volume, tone options on board for gigging.
Also, while I have immense respect for John Mayer as an artist I don't need his initials on my guitar case. The signature on the neck is understated but the big embroidered monogram on the case I could live without.

Additional Comments: I have been playing for about 30 years and in that time have had some great guitars, including hollow bodied Gibsons, pre-CBS Fenders and several high end Taylors. I've stayed away from Martin's because they were too hard (for me) to play them up the neck.
The Martin OMJM is very playable, from the size and shape of the neck, to the body style to the action.

I am proud to have this guitar in my collection and look forward to gigging with it for years to come. Maury's Music also deserves props for the way the take care of business. Thank you
Name:  Kev
Date:  04-03-07
Review:  OMJM
Rating you give the Martin OMJM John Mayer:  5 - Best thing I ever played

Like about the Martin OMJM:  Bought this in New York just loved the look of the thing and when I played it, wow!  Had it a couple of months now and it is simply fantastic, fast action great tone whether picked or strummed, completely
awesome!  Has improved already,

Dislike about the Martin OMJM John Mayer:
  Are you kidding!

Additional Comments:
  Very few in the UK at present, this is a great all round guitar hopefully my last.
Name:  John
Date:  12/20/2006
Review:  Martin OMJM
Rating you give the Martin OMJM John Mayer:
  5 - Best thing I ever played

Like about the Martin OMJM John Mayer:  Wow I don't know where to start.  Compared to my DM this guitar
out shines it in every way.  The tone and sound quality are just incredible.  The action is fast and easy.  Songs I was having trouble ripping through on my DM were a piece of cake on this baby.  Normally I'm not a fan of factory installed electronics, but after plugging this baby in they made me a believer.  To top it off it just looks beautiful.

Dislike about the Martin OMJM John Mayer:
  Don't really have any at the moment. 

Additional Comments:
  The case that comes with the guitar is just gorgeous.  The guitar fits nice and snug in the case and the vintage material inside the case is a real nice addition.  A strap button is a very nice addition as well.  A must own for John Mayer fans that play.
Name:  Jon
Date:  12/11/2006
Review:  Martin OMJM
Rating you give the Martin OMJM John Mayer:  5 - Best thing I ever played

Like about the Martin OMJM John Mayer:
  This guitar is awesome! It plays like a dream, and looks every bit as good. I am a massive john mayer fan, which influenced the purchase, but that in no way detracts from the obvious craftsmanship that went into building this guitar. People who know nothing about guitars go 'wow' at the tone. Its a typical OM tone, very well balanced, slighly more bassy than usual OM's due to solid indian back and sides. The action is a dream, and all songs become a doddle to play (even with no cutaway, where as my last guitar had one, I dont miss it!)

Dislike about the Martin OMJM John Mayer:
  I can only see one very minor point, and that is that there is only one strap button (at the base of the guitar, where it plugs in), so if you want to play standing up you would need to purchase and fit it seperately. Other than that I can find nothing wrong with this guitar, other than once you play it in the shop you will want to buy it, and when you do, you wont be able to put it down!

Additional Comments:  Beautiful guitar, lovely sound, great looking, what more do you want?
Rate The Martin OMJM John Mayer
5 - Best Martin I ever played
4 - Highly recommend the Martin OMJM John Mayer
3 - Good Martin, give it a try
2 - Did the job, nothing special
1 - Save your money, forget the OMJM John Mayer

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