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We are a Premier Marquis Martin Guitar dealer located only an hour from the Martin Guitar Factory.  We also carry Blueridge guitars, Reverend guitars, and Mesa/Boogie amps for all playing styles.  Check our site often for sales and guitar accessories specials or contact us anytime for assistance.


Custom guitar setups, pickups and other upgrades are easy to add to any Martin or Blueridge guitar order.  We also have a full line of upgradable bridge pins, guitar saddles, end pins and strap buttons.  We can even add a bigsby to your Reverend guitar too!  Mesa/Boogie pedals and replacement tubs are kept in stock for fast shipping when you need them.

Maury’s Music caters to all players.  It doesn’t matter if you play professionally or recreationally with your friends, making music is enjoyed in many ways and we’re here to help you find gear to fit your needs.  Contact us any time and we’ll be happy to help you too.

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Mammoth Ivory picks help provide a balance in the tone and volume of any guitar across it's entire neck.

Now available in a bulk 12pk!  The perfect solution for luthier's and players with a large guitar collection.

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Maury’s Music is more than just a guitar store.  We actually play the products we sell and can give you our first-hand impressions before your purchase.  We’re also here to help you use your gear AFTER the sale Too!  Click our Shopper Approved button below to see our 5 star rating and actual customer reviews.


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