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Monday, March 23 2020
Virtual Tour of our Current Inventory

We're live-streaming you into our studio for a virtual tour of our current inventory! Maury's taking requests. Which Martin or Blueridge Guitar in our current inventory would YOU like to see & hear? Let us know on Facebook or via email & we'll do our best to get them on-camera. If you missed the live stream, that's ok: we're archiving every episode here.

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII


Episode VIII


Episode IX


Episode X


Episode XI


Episode XII


Episode XIII


Episode XIV


Episode XV


Episode XVI

Episode XVII


Epsiode XVIII


Episode XIX


Episode XX


Episode XXI


Episode XXII

Episode XXIII

Episode XXIV

Episode XXVI


Episode XXVII


Episode XXVIII


Episode XXIX

Episode 30


Episode XXXI

Episode XXXII


Episode XXXIII


Episode XXXIV

Episode XXXV


Episode XXXVI


Episode XXXVII




Episode XXXIX


Episode XL

Episode XLI

Episode XLII


Episode XLIII

Episode XLIV


Episode XLV


Episode XLVI


Episode XLVII

Episode XLVIII


Episode XLVIX


Episode 50


Episode 51

Episode 52

Episode 55


Episode 56


Episode 57


Episode 58


Episode 59


Episode 60


Episode 61


Episode 62


Episode 63

Episode 64


Episode 65

Episode 66

Episode 67


Episode 68


Episode 69


Episode 70


Episode 71


Episode 72


Episode 73

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