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Thursday, April 09 2020
Social Distant-SING!

At Maury's Music, we play the products we sell. COVID19 & social distancing might stop some musicians from making music together, but not us! My friends & I have been collaborating via Facebook. It's not as fun as performing together in-person, but I'm really grateful for the chance to social distance - sing with these great talents. Check back often, as we'll be adding more!

Want to join in?  Click here for instructions.


"My Life" with Beka Mullaney & Rhys Ord


"Wasted on the Way" with Rob & Rose Beck

"Tell me Why" with Clayton Ayers


"Tupelo Honey" with Dee Dasher

"Desperado" with John Hall of Blues Creek Guitars

"Crazy" with Tony Pisciotta


"A little further in the Hole" with Pat McGeehan & Dee Dasher

"That's the way the world goes 'round" with Sam Frantz

"My Back Pages" with Marshall Fleisher & Rhys Ord


"The Road" with Rose & Rob Beck


"Teach Your Children" with Jack Rickenbach


"Do it Again" with Dave Eveland, Rob Beck & Franklin Klock


"We just Disagree" with Tony Phillips, Rick McLay & Marshall Fleisher

"Long Black Veil" with Bill Joyner


"My Back Pages" with Marshall Fleisher, Rhys Ord & Rick McLay


"My Back Pages" with Marshall Fleisher, Rhys Ord, Rick McLay and Frank Krupit


"Dead Flowers" with Rich Ingersoll


"We Just Disagree" with Rhys Ord, Tony Phillips, Rick McLay and Marshall Fleisher


"Copperhead Road" with Marshall Fleisher, Rick McLay & John Hall of Blues Creek Guitars


"Wagon Wheel" with Marshall Fleisher, Rick McLay, Rhys Ord and John Hall


"Wagon Wheel" with Marshall Fleisher, Rick McLay, John Hall, Rhys Ord, Kyle Cummings and Brenda Miller!


"Leader of the band" with Lamar Snyder


"Lonely People" with Lamar Snyder & Kyle Cummings


"Layla" with Tim Perry / narrated by Darren Behan


"Dimming of the Day" with Eliza Rush


"Nowhere Man" with Marshall Fleisher & Rick McLay


"The Weight" with John Hall, Rhys Ord, Marshall Fleisher, Rick McLay & Kyle Cummings

"Stop Draggin my Heart Around" with Brandi Lee


"Feel a Whole Lot Better" with Rhys Ord, Marshall Fleisher & Rick McLay

"You Can't Do That" with Marshall Fleisher, Rhys Ord & Rick McLay


"I Feel Fine" with Lamar Snyder

"Dead Flowers" with Rich Ingersoll & Brandi Lee


Horse With No Name COVID19 Parody with Bill Kuhnsman & Rhys Ord

"Two of Us" with Marshall Fleisher & Rick McLay!


"Wild Night" with Gabe Fritz, Beka Mulany & Rob Beck!


"Hard Luck Woman" with Lamar Snyder, Rob Beck & Marshall Fleisher

"Hey You" with Lamar Snyder

"Hey You" with Lamar Snyder, Rick McLay & Rob Beck!

"Handle with Care" - with Rhys Ord, Marshall Fleisher & Rick "McLay


"No Reply" - Marshall Fleisher & Rick McLay


"She Don't Love Nobody" - Marshall Fleisher, Michael Thompson & Rick McLay


When You Walk in the Room - Marshall Fleisher, Steve Johnson & Rick McLay!

You Can Close Your Eyes - Marshall Fleisher, Millard & Sinclair Brown

"Magnolia" with Tony Pisciotta


"Helplessly Hoping" with Adrian Sharp & Frank Arcure

"Handle with Care" with Rick McLay, Marshall Fleisher & Rhys Ord

"I'll Get You" with Rhys Ord, Marshall Fleisher & Ric McLay


"Jolene" with Beka Mullany & John Hall


"End of the Line" with Rob Beck, Frank Arcure, Marshall Fleisher, Rhys Ord & Rick McLay


"And Your Bird can Sing" - Marshall Fleisher & Rick McLay

"Smackwater Jack" Unplugged with Beka Mullany


"Here Comes the Sun" - Marshall Fleisher, Millard & Sinclair Brown


"Not the Only One" with Rhys Ord & Beka Mullany

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