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Friday, January 26 2018
Martin 000C-21 TSP Custom Artist Edition!

Spoon Phillips has been playing and critiquing Martin guitars for many, many years. When he expressed interest in designing the perfect guitar for himself, we asked if he'd allow us to bring this exciting creation to the general public. It is just too cool to limit to only one guitar, and there's nothing like it in the Martin lineup, or found anywhere else on the market. This custom artist-dealer collaboration is a short-scale 000 cutaway with a unique collection of desirable features and primo tonewoods, available only at Maury's Music.  Click here for all the details on the new Martin 000C-21 TSP (on order, due in March, 2018).

You don't need to look any further than Maury's Music's YouTube channel, Spoon's website, or any of the popular Acoustic Guitar Forums to realize that TSP has his finger square on the pulse of what's what in the acoustic guitar community.  We receive emails and phone calls every week, thanking us for putting so many great guitars in Spoon's hands, and rolling tape.  So many of our long-distance customers have chosen the right guitar, because of Spoon's demos.  It's amazing just how knowledgable and helpful TSP has been, when it comes to analyzing acoustic guitar construction, demonstrating these great instruments - and describing their unique features. We're forever grateful for having worked with Spoon throughout the years, and beyond excited to be a part of this project! Thank you, TSP, for allowing us to share your design with our valued customers! 

Has Spoon inspired you to choose a certain Martin Guitar?  Post your comments below.

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What are the options for adding a pickup to this guitar? Is that something Martin does when it is order or is that added my Maurys music?
Posted by chris on 02/05/2018 - 01:42 PM
Martin can add a Fishman system or Maury's can add a K&K or Trance Audio. Please contact us for more info. thanks!
Posted by Maury on 04/06/2018 - 07:38 AM

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