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Wednesday, July 22 2020
Maury & Aaron discuss the Martin SC-13E

“The more I listen to it, the more I want it!” That’s what Mike from Ohio said, as he listened to Maury in the opening countdown, playing some of his composition, “October” on the new Martin SC-13E.


Announced at Winter NAMM in January, the first SC-13E has arrived at Maury’s Music and Aaron Short couldn’t wait to dedicate a show to this amazing Martin model, with the first truly new Martin-invented body shape in over 80 years.

Aaron has had several people on his YouTube channel to discuss this new Martin. But this is the first time there was an actual guitar present to be scrutinized. And boy, did he and Maury have a great time checking it out! As too did the many people from across America and overseas who joined them in the chat box.


The “S Shape” evolved in Martin’s Research and Development into an asymmetrical silhouette with a concave shape the to the cutaway on the back and side that joins to heel-less, allowing unmatched access to and comfort while playing up to and behind where the neck meets the body.

The Velocity neck profile is also a Martin invention that debuts on this cutting-edge acoustic-electric guitar. It's subtle asymmetrical shaping seems like a normal neck with a comfortable low profile, but it actually moves the apex at the back of the neck like a corkscrew so it remains centered in the palm of the player when their hand rotates as it slides up the neck from the nut to the cutaway.

Gorgeous Hawaiian koa is laid down in a fine veneer over a core of solid African mahogany. “It’s ornamented without being flashy.” is how Maury describes the tasteful appointments, like the blue and white Aperture sound hole rosette in the solid Sitka spruce top. And the unique blue and white dote to mark the 12 the fret. Larger than the other fretboard markers, it helps the player zero in on the 12th fret, on what is Martin’s very first 13-fret guitar!

Comfort and playability was the main focus of this new instrument from the start, as Martin’s Fred Green decreed to the Instrument Design Department the goal of an asymmetrical guitar that would be ideal for long playing sessions. And that is exactly what they accomplished.

The SC-13E has a full 25.4” long-scale neck, but the 13-fret design makes it feel like a short-scale neck. And it ships with nice, low action and .11 gauge strings. That makes it so easy to play, just as the Fishman electronics and onboard tuner make it effortless to play plugged in. And while it will continue to be celebrated by guitar critics all over for being such a wonderful stage guitar ideal for those who need to play solid body electric guitars and awesome looking and great sounding acoustic-electric guitars, you can hear in this video how sweet it sounds unplugged!

Sit back and enjoy the show, and feel free to leave your own comments. And if you have any questions about the Martin SC-13E or you want to put in an order for the SC-13E, or any Martin guitar, please give Maury or Andrew a call, or drop us a line on the website.

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