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Thursday, January 06 2022
New Strings for the New Year

New Strings for the New Year
Happy New Year, from Maury's Music! We hope 2022 brings you twelve months of happiness and healthiness.

We also wish for you very happy and healthy guitars, which look and sound their best. A great place to start achieving that goal is with a new set of guitar strings that are clean and fresh!

Maury's Music offers the most popular, tried and true brands of guitar strings. Each had their own unique versions of classic Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze varieties. In addition, there are the alternatives, like Monel strings of Martin's Retro brand, and their super-premium Titanium Core strings. Change is good, and a new year's resolution of regular string changes will not only bring you renewed HD resolution to the tone of your guitar; but other benefits as well.


New Inspiration
Don't you just love the sound of your guitar? Sometimes, one can take that for granted, as they continue to play the same strings for far too long, hardly noticing how poorly they perform as time goes by.

It can be a wonderful surprise to be reminded of just how awesome your guitar sounds when it’s at its best, after you remove dying strings and replace them with brand-new ones. Energized and invigorated, that "new string zing" can be just the thing to inspire you to new music.

So too can trying out new varieties and brands of guitar strings that can revitalize your creativity. It really doesn't take very long to put on a fresh set of strings, and the more you do it, the easier and faster it gets.

New Directions
A new year brings new possibilities and new directions for you, your music, and your guitar. While most Light gauge and Medium gauge sets are similar, not every brand uses the exact same sizes, in terms of individual string diameter, within a six-string set. Which is best for your needs?

There are also other gauges, like Ultra-Light, Light, Light-Medium, Medium-Lite, depending upon the brand. You can even buy strings in bulk from Maury’s Music to custom design your own set!

This is not even mentioning the sets that have silk windings at the ball end of the string, to protect wooden bridge plates, or Silk and Steel strings that have silk intermixed with the brass windings, for a uniquely mellow sound. And then there are the strings made with a more flexible core for extra bendability. There are so many options from which to choose.

New Alternatives
For those who want the tone of the strings to last as long as possible, scientific breakthroughs have resulted in technologies that extend string life. This is due mainly to corrosion-resistant treatments available on cutting edge products like DR's Dragon-Skin strings, Elixir's Nanoweb strings, and Martin's LifeSpan 2.0 strings, in addition to the Titanium Core strings mentioned above, which rely on an entirely different technique.

New Protection
Changing strings regularly provides added protection for your cherished musical instrument, by reducing fret wear. Guitar strings are made out of metal. As strings age, the metal begins to corrode from exposure to the air. String corrosion contributes mightily to fret wear.


This is because the corrosion that appears as discoloration and the black schmutz we see on our fingertips is essentially rust! It may seem harmless, but when you get down to a magnified level, it is countless bits of rusty oxidized metal, scraping off the disintegrating surface of a string.

This rusty schmutz gets between the string and the fret, where it grinds away until a groove is worn into the fret. While fret wear is never entirely unavoidable, corroded strings accelerate the process, ultimately impacting the tone coming from a particular string, and leading to intonation issues.

The corroding of guitar strings is helped along by the natural oils that come from our skin, as well as other contaminants we may introduce via our day-to-day interactions with our surroundings, like hand sanitizer, just to name one example. Likewise, when that superfine metallic schmutz makes its way to the finish on the tonewood body, and the unfinished wood of the fingerboard, it acts as an abrasive agent that will scratch and potentially mar these lovely surfaces.

It is important to provide some hygienic maintenance to these surfaces on a regular basis, and an ideal time for that is when you are about to change your strings. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on cleaning and caring for acoustic guitars. We will showcase some excellent products developed for this important purpose.


New Music for the New Year
The tone of your favorite guitar starts with the strings. With over fifty varieties of acoustic guitar strings, Maury's Music is all set to send you sets that will set you apart from the herd, when your guitar is heard by the music lovers in your life.

Go to the Strings section of our website, to see current super deals on some awesome strings!

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