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Monday, January 16 2023
Martin Jumbos

Season 2 Episode X of Martins & More is as large and lovely as the Martin Jumbo models that Maury and Spoon are exploring in this podcast! The size J and even grander Grand J are modern Martin inventions that are well-loved for their shape, volume, and tone.

Want a large body with balanced, versatile tone, that is different than a Dreadnought? Try a Martin Jumbo on for size!

How many J and Grand J models are there available today? How many have there been in the past? What does the J size have in common with the M size?

Did you know Martin has offered baritone guitars using such body sizes? And what about the 12 string versions? Can you name famous artists who play Martin Jumbos? How about a Jumbo or Grand Jumbo artist signature models? A large topic to enjoy in this Jumbo-centric podcast.

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I was wondering if you have a HD 28 on stock , and if so could you play it today on the Martins you choose for the live stream please . Thanks. Pete
Posted by Pete Olson ( peteola58) on 01/18/2023 - 03:23 PM
Posted by Maury on 01/18/2023 - 03:34 PM

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