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Monday, September 19 2022
Martin Guitar Neck Shapes

Season 1 Episode 20 of Martins & More is all about Martin neck shapes, with Maury tapping into Spoon’s detailed knowledge of the various neck shapes available at C. F. Martin & Company now and those created long ago, but which remain influential to this very day.

Just how many neck shapes are there? Why are there so many and why might you be interested in one over another? Why did Martin change the standard guitar shape neck in 2018?

What is the difference between a Modified V and a Modified Low Oval or a Low Profile? What is a High Performance fingerboard taper? What is so “vintage” about the Vintage Deluxe profile on the Modern Deluxe Series? Will it be too big for my hands? (Nope!)

Find out all these answers and more by sitting back and enjoy this informative conversation. We look forward to hearing your own opinions on the different Martin neck shapes below, or in the Comments section under the YouTube version of this podcast.

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