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Sunday, April 16 2023
History of the Martin OM Orchestra Model

History of the Martin OM Orchestra Model
- Martins & More Podcast with Spoon Phillips S2 E19



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If you're a fan of Martin OMs, and always wanted to know more about their early days, the various different models & why Maury & Spoon love them so much :)  .... this episode is for you!




Maury Rutch & his wife Lori are the owners of Maury's Music. The two, along with Maury's brother Andrew, have been in business for over 20 years. Maury is an expert in Martin & Blueridge Guitars and is dedicated to getting you the right guitar the first time. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. The early days of the OM, and how they related to (and prececed) the Dreadnought shape
  2. The different styles & levels of OM ornamentation
  3. Why Martin doesn't offer an OM-18 - and why Maury's Music is bringing it back!

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Maury is the co-owner of Maury's Music - one of the largest mom'n'pop Martin Dealers in the USA, 20-years running. He also hosts "Guitar Store Virtual Tour" a weekly livestream, Wednesdays on YouTube, as well as the Mystery Guitar Podcast & Martins & More Podcast with Spoon Phillips.


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Humidity & Your Acoustic Guitar: Today, we'll be discussing humidity and acoustic guitars. If your guitar is constructed of tonewoods, this episode is for you. Unless you have a carbon fiber instrument, your acoustic guitar needs to be in a healthy environment when it comes to temperature and relative humidity. Too dry, and the wood can crack. Too damp, and the wood can swell. What does it all mean? We'll explain.

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This podcast features the conversation and opinions of musician T Spoon Phillips. A writer by trade, Spoon's longtime association with professional musicians, luthiers, and music historians affords him a richly unique perspective on all things acoustic guitar. This includes decades of close friendship with executives and employee at C. F. Martin & Company, past and present, and the host of this podcast, Maury Rutch of Maury’s Music.

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